We test and develop all our tuning packages in-house. Everything from intercooler kits, to intake manifolds, to turbo kits. We constantly analyse the data from every test to provide the best possible solution for your vehicle.
From the data received from R&D, we are able to design and engineer our own kits. By doing this in-house, we can constantly analyse the data from R&D and always upgrade our kits to maximise its proficiency. Our engineering department is outfitted with state of the art equipment and software which enables us to produce and optimise each product to its maximum potential.
We take great pride in manufacturing quality products and few are aware of the extensive development process that goes into our products. After production the parts are fully stress tested and undergo a vigorous testing regime via state of the art apparatus and our own testing vehicles prior to bringing the products to market.
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Performance is in the DNA of every Porsche. It was born to represent the history, the spirit and technology of Porsche. A creation to symbolise a race car on the road. Your car was created a Porsche – a true sports car. How you maintain and care for your Porsche can influence its future history, its future health, its future value. So let our expert and experienced technicians manage and maintain your Porsche.

Our ECU tuning solutions will enhance the performance of your Porsche, thus fulfilling your driving pleasure to new heights. Tuning will transform your driving experience forever. In today’s modern era, there are many restrictions on driving. Your Porsche’s intended performance is constrained because the manufacturer has to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub-standard fuels. What’s great is that is that with ECU tuning software, you can free yourself from these performance constraints.

We have our own in-house Research & Development department thus enabling us to research and develop our own parts. We are able to manufacture vehicle hardware parts such as Exhaust Systems, Manifolds, Intake Manifolds, Intercooler Upgrades, Engine Upgrades plus many more. All our hardware parts have been tested for superior quality and performance.

With our widespread knowledge in motorsport we are equipped to offer a wide range of track and race car preparation services. Whether it’s to ensure your Porsche is in top form for an upcoming track day or an upgrade or complete build of a race car, you can be rest assured you will get the level of service that can only be offered by us – the world record breakers! Whether it’s a ¼, ½ or 1 Mile top speed event, we can set up your vehicle for any of these purposes.

Behind every great solution and project stay hours of hard work, multiple tests and discussions.

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